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a free
reconnect trial

You know, being disconnected from your body, deeper purpose and career is optional.
You always have a choice.

You can also choose a life full of drive, passion and energy.


Join our Club, and the many hands-on DO'ers who have worked with us, and build a more conscious version of yourself.

Register for this online free reconnect trial, where you will learn this.
Start 7th June!



The 3-part Reconnect Trial is for you if:


You no longer feel fully connected to your body / business or career.

You feel like you are becoming a slave to your own success and numbing reality with an even busier schedule.

You can no longer create "slow down moments in your daily life" or time for yourself.

You've already worked on yourself but you can't manage to translate this into your daily life. 

You want to get back to your drive, energy & passion from before.

You have a hands-on mentality and want to move forward but don't know how.


Or you're just curious to discover deeper layers of yourself.

You recognize yourself?

but why 

IMG_7917 2.JPG

Throughout the wild years of commitment, connections, creating, goals, expectations and roles you filled, checking in with and zooming out on yourself, was often not a priority.


You have thrown your heart full of enthusiasm & passion into life and your career. Yet you feel like something is missing? You feel exactly a disconnect?


Going hands on also means taking risks and growing. But in this wild ride, we sometimes lose sight of what is really important. We forget to take care of ourselves and stay in touch with what makes us happy. The time for self-care slips away, leaving you out of sync with your own drive, your own core. It doesn't flow like it used to.


and as we know, your business/career reflects your inner state.


If you are not aligned with yourself, it echoes in the rhythm of your career. 

So if you are looking for clarity, drive & flow from before?

You want a reset or a return to your essenti?  

Then this free online Movement Trial is really for you.






How does Movement help you reconnect with yourself?


We have often learned to solve everything with our minds, to rush into quick fixes and instant results. 


This fast-paced lifestyle leaves little room for relaxation, reflection or embracing boredom. 

When we neglect these moments, we gradually disconnect from our body, our intuition and our true self. This happens very subtly.

As life gets busier, we lose touch with what really excites us and where our passions lie. We become a tense, stressed version of ourselves and wonder where our playful, lighthearted version of ourselves has gone.


With our overcrowded schedules and constant multitasking, there is no time to process emotions or just be with ourselves for a moment.


This pent-up tension often manifests itself in physical symptoms such as headaches, tense muscles, low energy and mood swings. We reach for quick fixes like shopping, busy schedules, alcohol or some other distraction to avoid seeing what really needs attention.


But there is a way to reconnect with this!


By making time for simple, accessible Movement, we awaken our bodies to new experiences and insights. Our bodies reveal truths we couldn't see before and guide us back to a balanced state. 

Through a mix of movement, stillness, reflection and coaching, we rediscover patterns & blockages, as well as our playful side. And afterwards we integrate these insights into our daily lives.


Join us to rediscover joy, playfulness, and connection in a way that feels authentic and fulfilling.



Just join our club & move that body!


just a review


Like Dorien, who had completely lost connection with herself and her body.

As a result, she found it difficult to trust herself in decisions because she "didn't feel it anymore." She could not think clearly and the connection with her gut feeling was lost. She was stuck with a lot of guilt and self-criticism.


As a result, she was losing direction and connection to her business.


Through reflection, discovering unknown deeper layers, bodywork, creative movement training etc, Dorien found the connection back with her own body, gut feeling and thus her business. She now takes more space, both privately and professionally.


She now has a solid foundation and knows again who she is and what she stands for, is again soft and grounded in her choices, can make decisions that are completely in line with who she is.

"I did a lot of pathways before, but Justien is the only coach who can break down some of the wall I have around me. her work goes much deeper."



it works

How does the free Reconnect trial work?


Dive deep into reconnecting with yourself through three powerful sessions.




Embrace the rhythm of your body


Experience a dynamic movement session where you connect with your body in an accessible way. Accompanied by uplifting beats and soothing voices, synchronize your movements with your breathing. 

Immerse yourself in the present moment and feel the energy flowing within you - emotion in motion.



slow down

Cultivate Inner peace & outer connection


Indulge in a deep meditation focused on connection - with yourself and others. 

Connect through stillness to your body, your breath and the language of self-love and compassion. 

Clear mental clutter and create space to regularly access your deepest self.



body + mind = become one

Integration mind & body


In our reflective session, we explore how to integrate body and mind into a harmonious whole. 

Often we disconnect from our body and rely only on our mind to solve problems. Real connection, however, comes from sinking into our bodies, embracing our unique truths and making time for recovery.

We will delve into understanding the language of your body and build a bridge between awareness and action. 

By recognizing your patterns, routines and inner mechanisms, creating an awareness. Enable yourself to make more conscious & grounded choices. 

We process this new info and translate it to your daily life.



> Ultimately it is about the power to choose how to deal with life's situations, guided by self-awareness and a deep connection to the wisdom of your body.


Join us on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

And remember that you always have a choice.

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