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Justien De Weirdt (also trading under the commercial name: Just the Club), a one-man business incorporated under Belgian law, with registered office at Oude Staatsbaan 70A and company number VAT BE 0649.561.686

You can reach us via the e-mail

Article 1 – Definitions 

In these general terms and conditions the following definitions apply: 

  1. Service provider: Justien De Weirdt

  2. Customer: the entrepreneur or individual who enters into an agreement with us, as a Service Provider, and thereby accepts the general terms and conditions. 

  3. Offer: all offers and quotations issued by us, both via the website, via social media or via e-mail. 

  4. Service: the services we provide.

  5. Product(s): online/offline training, customized services, e-books, workshops,… 

  6. Agreement: the agreement entered into between you, as the Customer, and we, as the Service Provider.  

  7. Commencement date: the agreement takes effect on the day of signing the agreement/registration via the registration form.

  8. Written: the written communication by e-mail or by registered letter where necessary. 

  9. Website:

Article 2 – Applicability of general terms and conditions

2.1. In these terms and conditions we describe the rules on the basis of which we, as a Service Provider, will provide our Services and products to you, as a Customer. These terms and conditions apply to all our quotations, offers, online courses, agreements, services and Products, and contain important information about your rights and obligations. 

2.2. These general terms and conditions always take precedence over any general terms and conditions of you, as a Customer. This insofar as these conditions have not been deviated from in writing. 

2.3. The latest version of these general terms and conditions always applies. 


Article 3 – Offer and acceptance 

3.1. We, as a Service Provider, always make an offer via the website, social media or via e-mail. The prices in the quotation are exclusive of VAT. VAT must be paid.

3.2. The quotations from us, as a Service Provider, are valid for 30 days, unless stated otherwise in writing in the quotation. After a period of 30 days or the period indicated on the quotation, the Offer from us, as a Service Provider, expires and you, as a Customer, can no longer accept it.

3.3. We, as a Service Provider, always have the right to adjust the rates and/or conditions. The offer that existed at the time that you, as a Customer, accept it, i.e. purchase it, is the current offer. 

3.4. We, as a Service Provider, cannot be bound by our Offering if you, as the Customer, could reasonably understand that the Offering, or any part thereof, contains an obvious material mistake or error, such as an unrealistic high discount or unusually low asking price. 

3.5. When accepting the Offer for the provision of a Service or Product, you, as the Customer, agree that the Agreement will be immediately executed and complied with. In the case of 1 on 1 trajectories, the sessions will be determined in mutual consultation after the Agreement. When purchasing the other Services or Products, it will always be indicated when the Service will be performed or the Product will be delivered. 

Article 4 - Execution of the Agreement and provision of information to the Customer 

4.1. We, as a Service Provider, offer different types of Services and Products. 

4.2. When you, as a Customer, sign our quotation with regard to a course, workshop or online training (in short, a Service or Product), you are obliged to pay the full price as indicated in the quotation. Even if the Agreement is terminated prematurely by you, as a Customer, during the execution of the process, you, as a Customer, will still have to pay the total price. 

4.3.  We, as a Service Provider, perform the Service or deliver the Product to the best of our knowledge and ability and according to the rules of the art. We, as a Service Provider, are not liable for failure to achieve the result that you, as a Customer, intended. 


Article 5 – Compensation: 

5.1. General

The price always depends on the chosen Product or Service. 

The stated prices are always expressed in euros and are exclusive of VAT. 

The agreed price includes all costs with the exception of additional Products/Services or travel costs. Any additional costs will always be indicated separately and will be borne by the Customer.  

Any changes to the requested Services or Products and/or additional Services or Products will be additionally invoiced in accordance with the prices in force at the time the changes/additional Services are ordered/purchased. The Customer can request the applicable rates from us at any time, on the understanding that if nothing has been determined, these additional Services/changes will be carried out at an hourly rate of EUR 150 (excluding VAT).


5.2. Billing and payment

5.2.1.  At the time the Customer purchases a Service or a Product, the Customer must pay the full price, unless the option to pay in installments has been provided for a specific Service or a specific Product. The Customer will receive a VAT-compliant invoice after payment. 

5.2.2. In the event of non-payment or non-payment of the invoice within the set term, all outstanding invoices will become immediately due and payable by operation of law and without notice of default and the Customer will owe interest for arrears of 5% per month on the invoice amount from the due date, by operation of law and without prior notice of default, as well as a fixed compensation amounting to 10% with a minimum of 150.00 euros. In the event of partial payment, full compensation remains due. All costs in the context of the judicial or extrajudicial collection of the unpaid invoice are at the expense of the Customer.   

Article 6 – 1 on 1 trajectories or group trajectories 

6.1. We are free to determine where the Services will be provided and whether or not they will be provided online. You acknowledge that the place of work is not an essential part of the Agreement. A change of location cannot be regarded as a shortcoming on our part. 

6.2.  Except for 1 on 1 trajectories, the Service Provider will communicate at what times the sessions will take place and whether these sessions will take place live. 

6.3. We can only perform our work properly if the Customer provides all information requested for the performance of the Service or delivery of the Product in a timely manner. The Customer therefore guarantees the correctness, completeness and reliability of the data made available, even if these originate from third parties.

6.4. With our 1 on 1 trajectories, the sessions must be scheduled within a period of 5 months. Only 1 month extension is allowed. Sessions not scheduled within this 6 month time frame will be forfeited.

6.5. If you cannot participate in an activity or an appointment, you are expected to inform us as soon as possible. All appointments must be canceled within 72 hours at the latest, otherwise you will lose a session or a fee will be charged.  The same appointment can only be rescheduled once in time, in mutual consultation. If you reschedule the same appointment several times, you will have to reimburse us for this appointment or this session will be deducted from the number of sessions of a certain process.

Article 7 – Online Services and Products 

7.1. Your access to Products or online Services is strictly personal. As a Customer, it is therefore strictly forbidden to share your login details with a third party.  

7.2. We reserve the right to suspend your access to the platform in the following cases:

- Suspicion of abuse

- Suspect sharing credentials with third parties

- Act unlawfully or cause damage to the Service Provider

- Acting contrary to the General Terms and Conditions

- In case of payment in installments, default

7.3. Unless otherwise specified, online Products will be made available immediately after payment. You will then receive from us access to an online platform with access to your purchased Service or a link via e-mail to participate in the Service or Product. 

7.4. If you qualify as a consumer as a Customer, you have a right of withdrawal of 14 calendar days after you have purchased the Service and the legal provisions of Article VI.47 et seq. of the WER apply. If you purchase an online course, webinar or workshop that gives you immediate access to the purchased Service, you do, in accordance with Article VI. 51 §4 2° WER, expressly waive this right of withdrawal because, on the one hand, you want the performance to take place before the end of the right of withdrawal and the Service has been delivered in full. Companies (including sole proprietorships) have no right of withdrawal. 

7.5. The Service Provider will always communicate separately for each purchased Service how long the purchased online Service will be available.

Article 8 – Disputes 

8.1. If you as a Customer have a complaint or are not satisfied with our Services or Products, we would of course like to hear about it so that we can look for a solution together. You must submit your complaint in writing within 8 calendar days after delivery of our Service/Product. to share with us. The description of your complaint should be as detailed as possible. 

8.2. A complaint cannot, of course, lead to us having to provide other Services or Products than that which we have agreed upon.


Article 9 – Liability

9.1 General

We, as a Service Provider, will always make every effort to perform the Agreement to the best of our knowledge, ability and in accordance with the requirements of good workmanship. You, as a Customer, acknowledge that we, as a Service Provider, only have a best efforts obligation and no result obligation. 

We, as a Service Provider, have the right to engage third parties for the implementation of the agreement. We, as a Service Provider, have selected these third parties with the utmost care in order to achieve a good quality of execution. 

9.2. Force majeure 

We, as a Service Provider, do not accept any liability if we are unable to meet our obligations due to force majeure or an external cause. If the force majeure is only temporary in nature, we will still try to fulfill our contractual obligations from the moment this is reasonably possible again.

If it appears that a continuation is no longer possible, the Agreement will be revised or dissolved in mutual consultation. 

9.3. Relationships with third parties 

Insofar as we, as a Service Provider, would depend on the cooperation, services and deliveries of third parties, we, as a Service Provider, cannot be held liable in any way for damage resulting from these relationships or the breakdown thereof.

9.4. Contractual shortcomings 

If, in the performance of our Agreement, a serious shortcoming is due to us, as a Service Provider, you, as a Customer, can give us written notice of default. We, as a Service Provider, are hereby granted a reasonable period of time to still fulfill our obligations. 

Except in the case of fraud, willful misconduct or serious misconduct, we are not liable for or obliged to pay compensation for immaterial, indirect or consequential damage, including (but not limited to) loss of profit, loss of turnover, loss of income, production limitations, administrative or personnel costs, a increase in general costs, loss of clientele or claims from third parties. 

9.5. Limitation of damages 

Our total maximum contractual and non-contractual liability for all damages that may occur during the Performance of the Agreement is at all times limited to the amount equal to the invoice value of the Service or the Product, even in the event of serious error.

Article 10 – Intellectual property right 

10.1. By accepting these terms and conditions, it is expressly acknowledged by you, the Customer, that all designs, information, images, emails, downloads, schedules, modules and/or materials, and other content on the website or courses are owned by us , as a Service Provider, and are protected by the relevant intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, trademark rights, database rights, neighboring rights, patents and design rights. 

10.2. If we identify a violation, we are entitled to charge actual compensation for this.

10.3. Parties can always deviate from this by means of a written agreement. 

Article 11 – Data processing 

11.1. By placing an order or using our Services, you give us the  express permission to process your personal data for the purpose of providing the Services. In addition, the data provided can also be used for customer management, the newsletter, advertising or marketing purposes and statistical information collection.

11.2. We respect the General Data Protection Regulation of May 24, 2016 regarding the protection of private life in the processing of personal data.

11.3. All personal data provided and processed via our website or in the context of the Services provided will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties without your permission, unless this is necessary for the provision of the Service.

Article 12 – Confidentiality 

12.1. The parties will be bound to observe a full confidentiality obligation.

This means that, without the express consent of the other party, they may not use, distribute or transfer any of the trade secrets of each other in connection with any business facet to any other third party, in particular, but without this being an exhaustive list, regarding the pricing, marketing, production, financing, and strategic development of the company, lists or details regarding Customers and past or potential Customers, contractual terms, etc…

This confidentiality obligation will apply during the term of the Agreement until 20 years after termination of the Agreement.

12.2. The confidentiality lapses if, on the basis of a statutory provision or a court ruling, one of the parties is obliged to provide the confidential information to third parties.

12.3. The parties recognize the importance of this obligation. The breach of this duty of confidentiality during the term of this Agreement shall constitute a serious misconduct. 

In the event of a violation of this article, the parties will owe a fixed compensation of 1,500 euros - without prejudice to the right to claim additional compensation, if this sum does not sufficiently compensate the damage. This compensation is payable to the other party without limiting the right to pursue all possible other remedies.

Article 13 – General 

13.1. No one can transfer his or her rights and/or obligations arising from these terms and conditions or our agreements to a third party without the consent of the other party.

13.2. If any provision (or part thereof) of the General Terms and Conditions should be unenforceable or contrary to a provision of mandatory law, this will not affect the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, nor will the validity and enforceability of that part of these General Terms and Conditions. the relevant provision that is not unenforceable or conflicts with a provision of mandatory law. In such a case, the Parties will negotiate in good faith to replace the unenforceable or conflicting provision with an enforceable and legally valid provision that is as close as possible to the purpose and intent of the original provision.  

13.3.  This agreement is governed by Belgian law. Any dispute related to the interpretation or execution of a contract and with regard to our invoices is the exclusive competence of the courts in Antwerp, unless mandatory law determines otherwise.

Special additional provisions regarding Just The Club

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot participate in an activity, you are expected to inform us as soon as possible. You can cancel this free of charge up to 10 days before the planned event or activity and we will provide a refund of the amount paid. Late cancellations will not be refunded. 

In the case of the coaching trips abroad, the cancellation conditions are applied as described in the conditions of our partner Noon.Escapes.

Force majeure 

If the activity cannot continue due to a force majeure situation, we will still try to allow the activity to continue as soon as possible. If you cannot participate, we will refund the amount paid. 


By accepting these terms and conditions, you confirm that the purpose of the activity is networking and that any speakers or the location of the activity are not an essential part of the Agreement. We therefore reserve the right, if we deem it necessary, to move the activity to another location or to use another key note speaker. 

Partners and Benefits 

The benefits offered by our partners can be withdrawn or replaced by other benefits at any time. 

Version 4 May 2023

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