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Aloha, Justien here.
The woman behind Just the Club. 

I love depth, love, the ocean, passion, no noncence communication & play! Authentic, passionate souls and aesthetic objects steal my sensitive heart. I am extremely driven, creative and optimistic and for years I knew neither physical nor mental peace. Keep going was pretty much my life motto, and not always so consciously. I raced through life at top speed.

And then suddenly it was 2020. The year when my body, at the same time as the world around me, went into crisis. My life, my personality and the different roles I fulfilled in daily life as daughter, sister, girlfriend, sweetheart, employee, self-employed person etc. and the expectations that came with it, took their toll. 

The choppy waters I had swam through for years, combined with my zest for life and no quitter mentality, had put my body in a constant survival mode. Unconscious stress and inner turmoil led to a weakened immune system, a blurry head, extreme skin allergies and a whole host of new intolerances. I didn't recognize myself mentally either. Suddenly I was struggling with inexplicable panic attacks, gloomy thoughts and low self-esteem. It could no longer be denied: I, who was always bursting with energy, was completely exhausted. I, who was always on, was now completely out.  

It was time for a turnaround: I had to land back into a life that is mine and that fits who I am deep down. Back to the real Justien, my inner home. 

What follows is a long quest of seeing and breaking patterns, letting go of control and taking responsibility. Meeting myself and confronting. I learned to trust again and let my intuition guide me. Through things like movement, dance, meditation, nature, the sea and pure food, I gradually found an inner peace that I had never felt before. I discovered that everything is inextricably linked. That what we feed ourselves with - be it literally the food we take in, or the people we allow into our inner circle - defines who we are and the choices we make. Dealing with this consciously and mindfully created a completely new manual for life for me. My unique manual, in which I stay true to myself.

I learned to breathe again, listen to my body and enjoy simple things. Back to the energetic, cheerful and spontaneous Justien, without losing myself in this. Every day I choose the sunlight again, whether it is there or not. And I accept that that long search has no end, but is an unknown path that I walk daily.

My personal story inspired me to help others as well. Today, my high sensitivity and deep empathy are the great strength behind my sessions. It allows me to perfectly sense your struggles and address them with a large dose of love and understanding. From the magic of mindset & body, we go in search of your authentic self. I offer you a safe haven, a world where you learn to stand in your own power without limits. A place of like-minded souls who connect with each other, but first and foremost with themselves. 

2021, Just The Club was born.

Today, we are going into our fourth year together.

In which I felt that we should not narrow this work, these methods and techniques a few to women.


Everyone, male, female, x, is free to expose themselves!

Just the Club 2.0, let's do this.

Come stand in the light with me.
All together.


Justien De Weirdt (*1989) graduated as a Social worker, movement therapist and interior designer. Exploring Zenthai, yoga, breathwork and energy work. Experience within event, project and social media management & styling. Justien loves exploring the world, dance, Art & design and surfing in her free time.

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